3 Building Blocks for Increased Intimacy

After the initial curiosity of the romantic stage, over time many couples get drawn into the busyness of life and the closeness in their relationship can fade. 

Before they know it, it’s been like that for years and their relationship has turned more into a friendship than the romantic and intimate one they remember and crave.   

In this article, I’ll share the 3 building blocks to increase the level of intimacy you feel with your partner and they’re all so simple you can start them today. 

1️⃣ Active Listening

Effective communication is crucial for building intimacy. People need to feel heard and understood so it’s time to open up the dialogue and truly listen to your partner. 

Practice expressing your thoughts and feelings honestly, while also being curious to your partner’s perspective. Avoid criticism and defensiveness, and instead strive for empathy and understanding. 

As Jordan Peterson so often recommends, open dialogue is about speaking the truth, taking responsibility for your words and actively working towards resolving conflicts. By cultivating respectful and compassionate communication, you lay the groundwork for a more intimate connection.

2️⃣ Deepen Your Connection

Creating a deeper connection involves investing time and energy into understanding and appreciating your partner. This is dialogue on a deeper level. Explore their interests, dreams, and aspirations and start doing more things together. 

It sounds so obvious but unless you’re sharing experiences together and having fun, you’re not maximising your potential. 

Regular date nights and meaningful conversations are a must! 

Sometimes you might need to fill your own tank before having the capacity to fill your partner’s, and that’s okay. If you take responsibility for your own happiness and well-being first, topping up that self-care tank where necessary, it can allow you to bring a stronger, more fulfilled self to the relationship. 

By deepening your emotional and intellectual connection, you foster an environment conducive to intimacy.

3️⃣ Self-Awareness

Developing self-awareness is my third essential for enhancing intimacy.

When you better understand yourself, you better understand your partner. 

Take time to reflect on your emotions, values and needs so you can communicate them effectively to your partner. 

Additionally, encourage your partner’s self-exploration, providing a safe and supportive space for them to share their thoughts and feelings too. 

By nurturing individual growth and self-discovery, you cultivate a more intimate understanding of each other, leading to a stronger bond.

This is how couples can create a stronger connection, which leads to greater intimacy.

So the key building blocks we focus on in our sessions to improve intimacy require intentional effort and a commitment to growth. 




By upgrading communication techniques, deepening connection through shared experiences, and fostering self-awareness, you can create a more intimate and fulfilling partnership. 

If you would like additional support or information about our 6-Week Reboot Program, please do drop me a message here as I’d love to see if we’re the right fit.