3 Things you don’t need before baby arrives

Congratulations you are expecting! You will no doubt want the best for your baby and it will be hard to navigate the overwhelm of mailing lists, suggestions and ideas, inviting you to purchase items you don’t necessarily NEED. 

Of course, if money is no object then you can consider some of these to make your life more comfortable. Here is a reminder that some things are not essential before your baby has arrived and that’s ok:

There is no need to spend thousands on a designer travel system when you can purchase items separately. A buggy that transforms into a cot bed and back again is amazing in a transformer kind of way, but you may find you hardly use the cot bed on it’s own. Definitely consider shopping around for alternatives on this one to save you money.

An Automatic formula dispenser for the same reason as above. Firstly you may not end up using formula if the breast feeding works out well. Secondly, these bits of kit are pretty pricey and can be considered a luxury, you certainly don’t need one to feed your baby. 

Pillows, sleep positioners and bumper pads are most certainly not needed and have been known to be linked to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) Although they look nice and comfy they are not worth the risk.

Enjoy the time preparing for your new arrival, it should remind you of the adventures that lie ahead.