It’s great that you have found your way here…

This page will tell you all about what it’s like to work with me as your Relationship Coach.

If you’re here, you probably want to improve the quality of your relationship and you’re ready to put the energy and focus into making that happen, so you can enjoy a happier and more certain future together. 

And if that’s you, I’m really glad you’re here because you’re right on the edge of taking an incredible next step forward in your relationship. 

For years now, my programs have been helping people just like you, so if you’re ready to feel more connected, aligned and excited about your relationship, then you’re in the right place. 

tell me if this sounds like you…

You want to rebuild the connection and trust with your partner?

Or maybe you’re fed up with the conflict or lack of communication?

AND you can’t seem to stop repeating the same patterns of behaviour over and over again.

You want to be able to get that excitement back, like when you first met.

You want to understand your partner more clearly and be better understood.

You want to argue less…

And you want to have more sex and intimacy so you can start planning for the future together.

You might be reaching out to me directly yourself as you’re aware that YOU need to work on yourself for the benefit of your relationship.

Or you’re a couple wanting to get things back on track…

Either way, I can help you.

There are Different types of support out there

Couples Therapy can be particularly effective when someone requires a specialist treatment or diagnosis for a deep-rooted historical condition. In couples or individual sessions the therapist might formulate a treatment plan based on a clinical diagnosis.

Couples Coaching adopts a science-based and solution-focused approach based on a number of defined intentions, providing tools, strategies, techniques and models to help you move forward.

Couples Counselling involves talking through your challenges to support your awareness and it might include coping strategies to help you to make sense of the past. 

I can offer you…

A safe, relaxed environment where you can develop a deeper connection with your partner and strategies that you can start applying from the very first session.

Techniques that will have a big impact on the way you interact and the level of appreciation you feel for each other. 

I bring over 1,000+ hours of couples coaching experience that I condense into the most impactful sessions to help you move forward.

These models will help you to understand your partner better and improve your ability to view challenges from a different perspective. 

Having been on numerous training programs myself across the world… I can give you the benefit of proven coaching methodology, delivered in a way to empower you to implement new habits. 

In fact, I can confidently say that your program will be built specifically for the needs of you as a couple and it has your best results in mind.

It’s going to provide you with a simple and effective road map to follow…

here’s what to expect

✔ Clarity on what you really want from your ideal relationship

✔ Improved communication and dialogue techniques to turn arguments into conversations with a way forward

✔ Support to create greater happiness and enjoyment in your relationship 

✔ A chance to redevelop trust and to feel secure about your future together 

✔ A greater increase the level of affection and intimacy in your relationship



✔ To dedicate quality time with your partner to implement the strategies you’ve learnt

✔ A means to identify specific relationship challenges, prioritise their impact and map out a plan towards a tangible resolution 

✔ An ability to rekindle that spark and excitement you once had

✔ A way to understand each other better so you are leading with empathy rather than judgement

✔ Strategies to learn how to adapt behaviours to better satisfy each other’s needs

here’s what some clients have to say about working with me

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the last 10 years and created the ultimate support system for you…

To Get Started

Let’s ensure we understand your perspective in full, where you feel you are stuck and exactly which changes you want to implement into your life and your relationship. 

The Biggest Challenge

Once we’ve done the basics it’s time to accelerate your progress by tackling your biggest relationship challenge head-on. You will gain insight and strategies from me and feel more empowered to take control yourself.

Online Client Learning Hub

You will have access to detailed videos explaining exactly how you can apply coaching models to overcome specific challenges in your relationship. This includes a variety of specially selected coaching exercises and techniques that develop emotional intelligence and encourage transformational change.

LIVE 1:1 Coaching Calls via Zoom

We will meet to dive deeper into the neuroscience behind some of your actions, the psychology impacting your behaviours, why mindset is everything and how to use coaching to improve your relationship. These are interactive and recorded sessions where you get to develop your skills for long-lasting results.

Love It Or Leave It Guarantee

I am so confident that you’ll find this program one of the best investments you can make in your relationship that I am prepared to put a guarantee on it. If for whatever reason you don’t LOVE the program in the first 14 days, you can stop any future payments and walk away with no questions asked. That’s my “Love It or Leave It Guarantee” to you.

If you feel ready to start making positive changes in your relationship