Why Mindset Dad?

Becoming a father is arguably the pinnacle moment in any man’s life. You are no longer just a son, you’re the daddy, the creator of life, the leading male role model for a little person in this world. You now have someone to guide, nurture, protect, empower and develop. What a huge responsibility! 

Will I be good enough? 

How will I provide everything they need? 

Will I still have time for myself? 

What if I mess this up?

Mindset Dad will help you navigate the mountainous terrain of fatherhood. There is rarely an easy day in the life of a dad with crying babies, sleepless nights, non-stop toddlers and emotional tantrums. 

The good news is that your body naturally prepares you for fatherhood. There is a huge hormonal shift that takes place when you become a dad. Your physics alter and your testosterone drops, all in preparation for you to take on the nurturing role, one that will benefit the whole family. 

Your brain might be ready but what about your mindset?

In 2020, western society hasn’t quite caught up with the demands on the modern-day dad. You are still (predominately) the breadwinner and grafter, and this carries its own set of pressures. However, you are now the night-time feeder, nappy changer, storyteller, school run specialist, shoulder to cry on, partner in crime and everything in between!

There is so much support out there for mums and rightly so! They have an incredibly difficult challenge adapting to their new role. Fortunately, there are usually endless opportunities for them to connect with other mums and create their own support network. 

The men prefer to figure things out on their own, so here it is….

 A self-development platform full of mindset tips, strategies and techniques that you can apply and adapt to your very unique family and all their individual personalities. 

If you want to be the best dad you can be, then you’re in the right place. That is, if you can take a few directions on the map. It’s a complicated road so a little support may be just what you need.